Before installing the module

Module pre-installation steps

Check the module to ensure that there is no sign of damage or tampering:

  • Check the epoxy resin security coating for obvious signs of damage.

Fitting a module bracket

Before installing a module in a PCI Express card slot, you may have to replace the bracket if it is not the same height as the slot. Both full height and low profile brackets are supplied with the module.

Do not touch the connector pins, or the exposed area of the module without taking electrostatic discharge (ESD) precautions.

To fit the bracket to the module:

  1. Remove the two screws from the solder side of the module.

  2. Remove the incorrect bracket.

  3. Fit the correct bracket to the component side of the module.

  4. Insert the two screws into the solder side of the module to secure the bracket. Do not over tighten the screws.

User Replaceable items

If the module has been removed so that a part can be replaced, follow these procedures before installing the module. If no parts need replacing, proceed to Installing the module.