Safety and security

There are no user-serviceable parts inside the nShield Edge. Any attempt to dismantle the nShield Edge results in any remaining warranty cover, the maintenance and support agreement, or both being rendered void.

To help maintain security:

  • Always inspect the USB cable and the nShield Edge before use, specifically the Entrust logo hologram in the tamper window shown below. (The nShield Edge Developer Edition does not have a hologram and tamper window.) If there are any signs of tampering, do not use the cable and the nShield Edge.

    edge hologram
  • Where possible, use the lock slot of the nShield Edge to secure it to a desk with a compatible lock (not supplied).

    edge lock
  • Never store or carry smart cards with the nShield Edge.

  • Protect your passphrase in line with your organization’s security policy.


There are a number of nShield Edge variants, some certified to different FIPS 140 levels. The FIPS rating is indicated on the label on the nShield Edge.