nShield Edge v13.4.5 Install Guide


The Entrust nShield Edge is a portable Hardware Security Module (HSM) for use in root Certification Authorities (CAs) and Registration Authorities (RAs), code signing, and remote HSM operations. The nShield Edge combines a full-featured HSM with a smart card reader, which you can use to securely store and access your organization’s highvalue occasional-use keys, such as certificate signing keys.

The nShield Edge has been designed and tested for deployments where one HSM is used with one computer or Windows Virtual Machine (VM). Multiple-unit deployments, where multiple nShield Edge HSMs are connected to the same computer or VM, are not supported.

Entrust does not recommend using the nShield Edge alongside other Entrust nShield HSMs on the same computer or VM.

About this guide

This guide includes:

The Security World Software is supplied on the accompanying Security World for nShield installation media.


The nShield Edge is referred to as the nShield Edge, the Hardware Security Module, or the HSM.