Working with CodeSafe

CodeSafe applications

To run CodeSafe applications on your system, you must have enabled the Secure Execution Engine (SEE) by purchasing and enabling an appropriate SEE activation licence as described in Enabling optional features.

If you want to develop your own CodeSafe applications, you must also purchase the CodeSafe developer kit.

An SEE application is typically a standalone SEE machine that is loaded automatically by the hardserver (for example, a CodeSafe C application).

Check the documentation that your CodeSafe application vendor supplies for information about how to set up and use the application, as well as for any other installation and configuration information.

CodeSafe applications are standalone applications, but each CodeSafe C application can consist of multiple parts, and its installation can include several configuration steps. For instructions on installing and configuring each application, see your application vendor’s documentation.

You may need to use the hardserver, loadmache, and tct2 utilities when configuring and loading an application; see the CodeSafe Developer Guide for more information.