Status indicators

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Label Description


Status LED


Recessed clear button

Status LED

The blue Status LED indicates the operational status of the module.

Status LED Description


Status: Power off

There is no power supply to the module. Check that the module is correctly inserted in its PCIe slot, then restart the computer.

On, occasionally blinks off.

Status: Operational mode

The nShield Solo module is accepting commands. The more frequently the Status LED blinks off, the greater the load on the module.

Flashes SOS, the Morse code distress code (three short pulses, three long pulses, three short pulses).

After flashing SOS, the Status LED flashes an error code in Morse code.

Status: Error mode

If the module encounters an unrecoverable error, it enters Error mode. In Error mode, the module does not respond to commands and does not write data to the bus.

If a command does not complete successfully, the module normally writes an error message to the log file and continues to accept further commands. It does not enter Error mode. For information about error codes, see the User Guide.