Uninstalling Security World Software

This appendix describes how to uninstall Security World Software.

Do not uninstall the Security World Software unless either you are certain it is no longer required or you are going to upgrade it.

The uninstaller removes only those files that were created during the installation. To remove key data or Security World data, navigate to the installation directory and delete the files in the %NFAST_KMDATA% folder.

If you intend to remove your Security World before uninstalling the Security World Software, Entrust recommends that you erase the OCS before you erase the Security World or uninstall the Security World Software. Except where Remote Administration cards are used, after you have erased a Security World, you can no longer erase any cards that belonged to it.

  1. Log in to the host computer as Administrator or as a user with local administrator rights.

  2. Run the following command to erase the OCS:

    createocs -m# -s0 --erase

    where # is the module number.

  3. Navigate to the Windows Control Panel, and double-click Programs and Features.

  4. Select the Security World Software entry, then click Uninstall to remove the software.

If required, you can safely remove the nShield module after shutting down all connected hardware.