Before installing an nShield Connect

Carefully unpack the nShield Connect

Retain all parts of the nShield Connect packaging, including the outer (brown) shipping carton, in case you have to return the HSM. Your warranty or maintenance agreement does not cover returned modules that are  damaged due to shipping in non-approved packaging.

Check that all parts on the packing list are present

The packing list contains a full list of items shipped with the HSM. If any item is missing, contact Support.

Any optional parts ordered, for example slide rail components, might not appear on the packing list. If any optional components are missing, contact Support.

Check the physical security of the nShield Connect

See the nShield Connect Physical Security Checklist, provided in the box with an nShield Connect and available in the document folder on the installation media.

Breaking the security seal or dismantling the nShield Connect voids your warranty cover, and any existing maintenance and support agreements.