Using the nShield Trusted Verification Device

tvd front
Item Description

A: Card slot

For inserting a smart card into the TVD, the chip on the card should face the user and inserted first into the card slot.

B: Display

Displays the ESN of the HSM.

C: Keypad

  • 0-9, CLR, ˄ and ˅: Not used

  • C: Used for canceling the current smart card verification

  • @: Can be used to show the firmware version and the name of the reader (status LED flashes at the same time)
    Note: Do not press the @ key when there is a smart card in the card slot because the time taken to display this information can cause the secure connection between smart card and HSM to be broken.

  • OK: Used to confirm the smart card verification and abort messages

D: Status LED

The status LED will flash when the TVD:

  • Is connected to a USB port

  • Requires the user to confirm a decision. For example, if the C button is pressed during a smart card verification the LED will flash and you will be asked to confirm the abort by pressing OK.