config-auditlogging [OPTIONS]

Edits the [auditlog_settings] section of the local hardserver config file. Unspecified fields are not changed. After making any changes you will be required to restart the hardserver in order for them to take effect.

Option Description

-l, --enable-logfile

Saves audit messages to the hardserver log.

-L, --disable-logfile

Disables saving audit messages to hardserver logs.
Default: configuration as shipped


Specifies the UDP port to use for syslog messages.
Default: 514

-s, --enable-syslog

Sends audit messages to a syslog server (requires --server)

-S, --disable-syslog

Disables sending audit messages to syslog. Default: configuration as shipped


Specifies the syslog server IP for syslog messages (implies --enable-syslog).

Help options

-h, --help

Displays help for config-auditlogging.

-u, --usage

Displays a brief usage summary for config-auditlogging.

-v, --version

Displays the version number of the Security World Software that deploys config-auditlogging.