cfg-mkdefault [-r] [-f FILENAME] [-c]

Creates a default client configuration file for the hardserver configuration sections. The configuration file cfg-mkdefault creates can only be transferred to network-attached HSMs when it is created with the --connect-config option.

Option Description

-c, --connect_config

Creates a config file for a network-attached HSM

-f, --defaultfile=FILENAME

Name of the file to write the default settings to.

Default: cardlist.default

-r, --resetmasterfile

Resets the master config file to the default.

Help options

-h, --help

Displays help for cfg-mkdefault.

-u, --usage

Displays a brief usage summary for cfg-mkdefault.

-v, --version

Displays the version number of the Security World Software that deploys cfg-mkdefault.