rfsaddr address[:port] [keyhash [esn]] [push]

Gets or sets the RFS IP address, port, and authentication settings.

Option Description


The IP address of the RFS can be either an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address. IPv6 addresses may optionally be enclosed in square brackets. For link-local IPv6 addresses, the interface (eth0 or eth1) is specified after the address with a percentage (%) character separating the address and the interface name. For example, fe80::1%eth0.


The ESN of the module to authenticate on the RFS end.
Default: "" (no ESN authentication, the RFS software key is to be used).
If you use the esn parameter, you must also specify the keyhash with a non-default value.


A hash of the RFS KNETI key may be provided to authenticate the RFS when connecting to it.
Default: 40 zeroes (no RFS authentication will take place).


The port of the RFS.
IPv4: ipaddress:port.
IPv6: enclose the IP address in square brackets to disambiguate from the port number, for example [fe80::1%eth0]:9004 Default: 9004.


The RFS can be set up as a client that can push configuration to the network-attached HSM using the push parameter. It takes one of the following values: ON, OFF or AUTO.
Default: AUTO (the RFS can push if and only if a keyhash has been specified).