CodeSafe 5 v13.6.3 Developer Guide


CodeSafe is a runtime on the Entrust nShield HSM that allows third-party developers to run their own code within the secure boundary of the module. Using the CodeSafe Developer Kit, developers write their own CodeSafe Apps, cross-compile them and package them to run on the HSM. While on the HSM, the CodeSafe App is segregated from the actual keys loaded onto the module, including the keys the App uses. This means that CodeSafe can be used without affecting the FIPS 140 validation of the module it runs on.

Where the HSMs provide security controls on key usage, CodeSafe provides control over application code. Depending on the runtime used, you are either sending nCore commands to the HSM, or designing your own protocol to send data and commands back and forth.

The CodeSafe Developer Kit includes the Secure Execution Engine (SEE) technology. The CodeSafe product comprises a suite of cross-compilers and support tools that allow you to develop SEE machines.

With CodeSafe, you can build and deploy Trusted Agents to perform application-specific security functions on your behalf on unattended servers, or in unprotected environments where the operation of the system is outside of your direct control. Examples of Trusted Agents include digital meters, authentication agents, timestamp servers, audit loggers, digital signature agents and custom encryption processes.

Traditionally, HSMs have protected cryptographic keys within a defined security boundary; SEE allows you to extend that security boundary to include code that utilizes those protected keys. The code itself is signed to provide additional protection.