Replace the fan (Solo XC)

Required Tools

  • Phillips screwdriver #0

  • Phillips screwdriver #2

  • Small needle nose pliers

Required Part

  • Orderable part number SOLOXC-REP-FAN (Replacement fan assembly).

    1. Power off the system and while taking ESD precautions, remove the Solo XC card.

    2. Place the Solo XC on a flat surface.

    3. Remove the top EMI cover using a #2 screwdriver.

      solo card top cover
    4. Pull the fan power cable and grommet from the slot in the EMI fence.

    5. Using the needle nose pliers, gently remove the fan power cable from the P3 connector.

      solo xc top removed
    6. Using the #0 Phillips screwdriver, remove the four fan retaining screws.

    7. Remove the defective fan from the Solo XC and install the replacement fan with the power cable positioned towards the P3 power connector. Ensure that the fan lays flat against the heatsink.

    8. Replace the four fan retaining screws.

    9. Install the power cable connector into the Solo XC P3 power connector.

    10. Install the power cable grommet into the slot in the EMI fence, with the flat side towards the top of the fence.

      solo xc grommet
    11. Replace the top EMI cover.

    12. Re-install the Solo XC into the PCIe slot.