HSM maintenance

This guide covers the following HSMs:

  • nShield Connect

  • nShield 5c

The HSMs contain only two user-replaceable parts:

  • The PSUs.

  • The fan tray module.

Replacing a PSU or fan tray module does not affect FIPS 140 validations for the HSM, or result in a tamper event. However, in the very rare event that a PSU or fan tray module requires replacement, contact Support before carrying out the replacement procedure.

Do not allow a fan tray to be removed from the HSM for longer than 30 minutes, otherwise a tamper event will occur.

For more information about replacing either a PSU or the fan tray module, see the Installation Sheet that accompanies the replacement part.

Breaking the security seal or dismantling the HSM voids your warranty cover, and any existing maintenance and support agreements.

Flash testing the module

The module is designed to comply with IEC/EN 60950-1 but should be tested only by trained safety professionals. Because the module is fitted with radio frequency interference suppressors, it is recommended that only a DC test be performed.

Repeated application of the flash test can damage safety insulation.