usage: cksotool [-h] [--version] [-m MODULE] [-c | -p | -i | --delete]

Creates a PKCS #11 Security Officer role and manages its PIN.

Option Description

-c, --create

Creates the Security Officer role.


Deletes the Security Officer role.

-i, --info

Shows infomation about the Security Officer role.

-p, --change-pin

Changes the Security Officer PIN.

Option to address HSMs

-m, --module=<MODULE>

Selects the MODULE for Security Officer artefact creation.
If you only have one module, <MODULE> is 1. If you do not specify a module number, the utility uses all modules by default.

Help options

-h, --help

Displays help for cksotool.


Displays the version number of the Security World Software that deploys cksotool.