Checking and changing the mode on an nShield Edge

This appendix tells you how to check and change the mode on your nShield HSM. You must change the mode to perform certain maintenance and configuration tasks. The Mode LEDs on the nShield HSM show the current or selected mode. The Status LED shows the status of the device.



Mode button

Selects a mode—the mode changes only when you press the Clear button.


Mode LEDs

Shows the current mode or selected mode.


B type USB port

For connecting the device to the computer.


Card slot

For inserting the required smart card.


Card slot LED

Lights green when a smart card is inserted.


Status LED

Shows the status of the device.


Clear button

When pressed and held for several seconds, clears the device’s memory and changes the selected mode.

Mode LEDs

Mode LEDs

You mainly use the device in Operational (O) mode. You must put it into Initialization (I) mode when creating a Security World on the device, while Maintenance (M) mode allows you to upgrade the firmware. To change the mode:

  1. Use the Mode button to highlight the required mode.

  2. Within a few seconds, press and hold the Clear button for a couple of seconds.

    If the mode changes, the new mode’s LED stops flashing and remains lit. The Status LED might flash irregularly for a few seconds and then flashes regularly when the device is ready.

    Otherwise, the device remains in the current mode, with the appropriate mode LED lit.

Status LED

Status LED

If the Status LED flashes irregularly and the device is unresponsive for more than a few minutes, the device has encountered an error. Disconnect the device, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it.