nfwarrant [-h] [--list] [--check] [--warrant] [--csr] [--details= FILE]
          [--install= FILE] [--req= MODULE] [--out= FILE] [--verbose]

Ensures that a suitable warrant is available to allow a security world to be dynamically managed using an nShield PCIe or USB-attached HSM.

Run nfwarrant to:

  • Identify modules that have the appropriate firmware/KLF2 key

  • Identify modules that need their KLF2 key to be warranted by Entrust

  • Generate a warrant upgrade request for a specific module, as required

  • Install an upgraded warrant

  • List KLF2 warrants

See Warrant Management for more information.

Option Description


Lists the ESNs of known modules and their warrant state.


Performs CSR operations.

--details= FILE

Displays the module ESN found in the CSR/warrant FILE.

--install= FILE

Installs the warrant from FILE.


Lists the ESNs of installed warrants.

--out= FILE

Saves the new requested CSR to FILE.


Performs warrant operations.

Option to address HSMs

--req= MODULE

Requests a warrant CSR for the module number/ESN.

Help options

-h, --help

Displays help for nfwarrant.


Prints extra information about CSR and warrant files.


Displays the version number of the Security World Software that deploys nfwarrant.