Troubleshooting 5s

This guide covers the following HSMs:

  • nShield 5s

It describes what to do if there is an issue with the HSM, or the Security World Software.

If you encounter any errors that are not listed in the following table, contact Support.

nShield 5s running out of space due to signed HSM system logs

This type of error indicate that the HSM is running out of disc space. It is possible that the logs generated by the HSM are taking up disc space.

Error Explanation Action Example

hardware status: ncoreapi service terminated unexpectedly; last log entry was: <date and time> Process exited with status 137 from signal KILL

The HSM has reached it’s critical storage limit and has now entered a monitor only state.

Use hsmadmin command to export and expire the signed system logs from the nShield 5s.
Reboot the nShield 5s and restart the hardserver to bring the HSM out of its failed state.
Make sure that the nShield 5s is enrolled in nShield Audit Log service to avoid the storage limit reaching a critical level. To learn more about this service, see nShield Audit Log Service.

Example command to export and expire signed system logs: hsmadmin logs export --expire --esn AAAA-BBBB-CCCC --outdir ./