fwcheck [-v] [-m MODULE] [-c HEX] <firmware file>

Verifies the firmware installed on a module. Supported firmware files: .nff and .ftv.

Option Description

-c, --challenge=CHAL

Uses CHAL as the firmware challenge.
Default: a random challenge.

Option to address HSMs

-m, --module=MODULE

Specifies the number of the module to perform the tests on.
If you only have one module, <MODULE> is 1.
If you do not specify a module number, the utility uses all modules by default.

Help options

-h, --help

Displays help for fwcheck.

-u, --usage

Displays a brief usage summary for fwcheck.

-v, --verbose

Prints verbose output for fwcheck.

-V, --version

Displays the version number of the Security World Software that deploys fwcheck.