Battery replacement

Entrust can provide replacement batteries for nShield Solo XC and nShield 5s HSMs if required. If you prefer to source your own third-party batteries, you must ensure they meet the minimum requirements.

Minimum requirements

The following specification documents the key parameters of the backup battery used on nShield Solo XC and nShield 5s HSMs, as supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

If you replace the battery in one of these products in the field, ensure that the component sourced meets the following requirements as a minimum.

Adherence to these parameters is critical to the safety certification of the overall product. Entrust cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of performance due to incorrect battery replacement.
nShield Solo XC and nShield 5c Backup Lithium Cell


CR 1/3N

Nominal Voltage


Typical capacity



Li-MnO2 (lithium manganese dioxide)

Temperature characteristics

≤-25°C to ≥70°C

Max. safe reverse current


UL approved and marked

UL 1642

Replace a battery on an nShield Solo XC or nShield 5s HSM

Dispose of the used battery in accordance with local regulations.

Required tools

  • Small non-conductive tweezers

Required part

  • Orderable part number: SOLOXC-REP-BATT (Replacement battery)
    See Minimum requirements for battery requirements if you are providing your own.

To remove and replace the battery:

  1. Power off the system and while taking ESD precautions, remove the module.

  2. Place the module on a flat surface.

  3. Gently remove the battery from the BT1 connector. If you cannot remove the battery with your fingers, use a pair of non-conductive tweezers.

    pcie battery
  4. Observing the polarity, install the replacement battery in the BT1 connector.

  5. Re-install the module into the PCIe slot.