fet [-m MODULE] [-e ESN] [-c FILENAME] [-r|-R] [-s] [-a]
  • Activates features on an nShield module connected to the host

  • Lists the status of features on a connected module

  • Verifies that a feature has been successfully enabled on a connected module

To view the status of features, run the tool without a smart card. If a FEM card is not present, or if any of the features are not enabled successfully, the utility prompts you to indicate what to do next.

To enable features, and view the status of or verify features on an nShield HSM, use the front panel rather than the fet utility.

For more information, see Optional features

Option Description

-a, --show-all

Shows all features, including obsolete ones.
Default: 0

-c, --cert=FILENAME

Certificate file.

-e, --esn=ESN

ESN the certificate(s) are destined for.

-r, --reset-module

Forces module reset when needed.

-R, --skip-reset

Does not ask for module reset.

-s, --show-only

Shows the features then exits.
Default: 0

Option to address HSMs

-m, --module=MODULE

Specifies the number of the module to perform the tests on.
If you only have one module, <MODULE> is 1.
If you do not specify a module number, the utility uses all modules by default.

Help options

-h, --help

Displays help for fet.

-u, --usage

Displays a brief usage summary for fet.

-v, --version

Displays the version number of the Security World Software that deploys fet.