This appendix describes what you should do if you experience problems with the nShield Remote Administration Client.

If you encounter any errors that are not listed in the following table, contact Support.
Error Explanation Action

When attempting to connect with the Remote Administration Service, a Failed to communicate with the Remote Administration Service, error message displays.

The IP address or Hostname of the Remote Administration Service is invalid or a firewall between the nShield Remote Administration Client and the Remote Administration Service may be blocking access.

Ask your system administrator to check the firewall and network settings of the computer hosting the Remote Administration Service.

Under Windows, network connections are lost and the nShield Remote Administration Client closes unexpectedly.

The Windows power saving options may have put your computer to sleep.

Disable power saving modes on your computer if you need to present a card for an extended period of time.

The nShield Remote Administration Client GUI or command line utility has difficulty reading a genuine nShield Remote Administration Card.

A smartcard or authentication token process or service, for example associated with your VPN, may be preventing the client from accessing the card.

If it is not essential, stop or disable the conflicting process or service (for example using the Windows Services administrative tool). Contact your system administrator for advice concerning essential processes and services.

A network error message displays.

The network connection has been lost.

Try to connect again, otherwise, contact your system administrator.