Installing the module

  1. Power off the system and while taking ESD precautions, remove the module from its packaging.

  2. Open the computer case and locate an empty PCIe slot. If necessary, follow the instructions that your computer manufacturer supplied.

    Do not install a nToken module into a PCI slot. See the instructions that your computer manufacturer supplied to correctly identify the slots on your computer.

    Minimum requirement:


    1 PCIe x1 slot

  3. If there is a blanking plate across the opening to the outside of the computer, remove it. Check that the opening is large enough to enable you to access the module back panel.

  4. Insert the contact edge of the module into the empty slot. Press the card firmly into the connector to ensure that:

    • The contacts are fully inserted in the connector

    • The back panel is correctly aligned with the access slot in the chassis

  5. Use the bracket screw or fixing clip to secure the module to the computer chassis.

  6. Replace the computer case.

After installing the module

After you install the module, check regularly to ensure that it has not been tampered with during operation. After you install the module, you must install the Security World Software. Although methods of installation vary from platform to platform, the Security World Software should automatically detect the module on your computer and install the drivers. You do not have to restart the system.