nShield nToken v12.81 Install Guide


The Entrust nToken increases the security of the connection between the client computer and an HSM, by proving to the HSM that the client is in possession of a hardware token that cannot be cloned.

About this guide

This guide includes:

See the User Guide for more about, for example:

  • Creating and managing a Security World

  • Creating and using keys

  • Card sets

For information on integrating Entrust nShield products with third-party enterprise applications, see https://www.entrust.com/digital-security/hsm.

Model numbers

The table below shows the different versions of the module. The letter x represents any single-digit integer. The letter n represents any letter.

Model number Used for



nToken PCIe

Additional documentation

You can find additional documentation in the documentation directory of the installation media for your product. For information about using the software, see the nShield Connect User Guide. Entrust strongly recommends that you read the release notes at https://nshieldsupport.entrust.com. These notes contain the latest information about your product.