Before uninstalling the nShield Post-Quantum Software Development Kit (PQSDK), Entrust advises that you create a full back up of /opt/nfast/pqsdk. Removing the PQSDK will not affect your existing Security World, or your Security World Software installation. Once the PQSDK is removed, you will no longer be able to use keys created with PQSDK.

To uninstall the PQSDK, run the following command:


The following options are available for the uninstall command (the full list is available with --help):

  • -p, --product [string] : Use to specify "xc" or "n5" (default "xc")

  • -i, --install_type [string] : The type of install to uninstall for n5 only. "local" or "remote" (default "remote").

Uninstall by default runs for the nShield Solo XC. Use n5 with the -p option as well as the appropriate -i option when you are uninstalling for that platform.