Before you install WSOP:

This release of WSOP is compatible with Linux only. See the Release Notes for the list of compatible operating systems and versions.

A WSOP server can only use a single HSM. High availability can be achieved by deploying multiple WSOP servers behind a third-party load balancer, with each WSOP server communicating with a single HSM.

Security World software

WSOP requires nShield Security World software to be installed, and a working Security World to be configured. To confirm that there is a usable Security World, use the nfkminfo command:


If the Security World is usable then the state line in the nfkminfo output shows Usable.

    generation 2
    state 0x37270008 Initialised Usable Recovery !PINRecovery !ExistingClient RTC NVRAM FTO AlwaysUseStrongPrimes !DisablePKCS1Padding !PpStrengthCheck !AuditLogging SEEDebug

For further information on installing Security World software and creating a Security World, see the User Guide shipped with your nShield Security World software.


WSOP has been tested against version 7.0.6.

Replica Set setup is required. For details about MongoDB replica set configuration, see the MongoDB documentation: Replica Set Configuration

Minimum number of replica set instances supported is 1.

Minimum action privileges required for corecrypto databases and collections are: find, insert, remove, createIndex and update.

For more information please refer to the MongoDB documentation