TSOP v8.0.0 SDK Reference Guide


The Entrust nShield Time Stamp Option Pack (TSOP) Software Development Kit enables you to integrate an Entrust nShield Time Stamp Serverâ„¢ (TSS) PKIX-compliant time-stamp into an application, file, log, or transaction. The TSOP SDK documentation includes:

  • Instructions for installing the SDK.

  • Guidelines for API development.

  • Sample code.

This section provides instructions for installing the SDK and example applications on various operating systems. It also provides information about the locations where the software and example applications are installed.

Overview of the TSOP SDK

The TSOP SDK provides Java and C libraries implementing a set of functions that enable you to develop time-stamping applications or integrate time-stamping into existing applications. The SDK also includes sample code and a set of test applications.

The functions provided by the API include:

  • Encoding and decoding time-stamp requests.

  • Decoding time-stamp responses.

  • Decoding time-stamp tokens.

  • Generating digests.

  • Verifying digital signatures of time-stamp tokens.

The API is available in Java language classes and in C language libraries.

The C language API is available as both a 32-bit and 64-bit DLL and as a 64-bit Linux static library.

The API supports the cryptographic mechanisms that create hashes, validate tokens, certify signatures, and establish TSS sessions.

The sample code and applications provided in the SDK include examples of:

  • Generating digests and building time-stamp requests.

  • Using the Time-Stamp TCP/IP protocol to submit requests and get responses from a TSS.

  • Decoding and verifying time-stamp responses.