You are installing, configuring, and administering the Entrust nShield Time Stamp Serverâ„¢ (TSS), part code DSE200. You are familiar with operating and maintaining networks.

Supported Platforms

TSS can be installed on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 x64

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 x64

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 x64

TCP/IP and UDP port access

Before you begin, ensure that you have access to the following ports:

  • TCP/80 (HTTP)

  • TCP/443 (HTTPS)

  • TCP/318 (TSP, Time-stamp Protocol)

During installation of the Entrust nShield Time Stamp Option Pack (TSOP), the default HTTP and HTTPS ports can be updated as required.

If you change the default HTTP or HTTPS ports, ensure that you specify ports in URLs for the TSS Web interface see Accessing the TSS Web Interface, before continuing with the configuration processes described in Configuring the TSS.

TSOP installation prerequisites

Before installing TSOP:

  • Confirm that the following items are available:

    • The TSOP installation media

    • An SEE Activation feature card

    • An Elliptic Curve algorithms feature card

    • The Security World Software installation media

    • An nShield PCIe module (with smart card reader and a set of smart cards).

  • Install the nShield PCIe module and nShield Security World Software as described in the Installation Guide for your module.

Ensure the module’s real-time clock is set correctly. See the User Guide for your HSM on how to view and set the module’s real-time clock.
Do not install TSOP on systems fitted with any other nShield hardware or with more than one module.
Installation will abort if an nShield Security World Software installation cannot be found.
  • TSOP requires an installation of a Windows 32-bit Standard Edition Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.8. This must be installed before installing TSOP.

The software install wizard determines whether you have a suitable JRE installed. The install process will abort if no suitable JRE can be found.
  • A Network Time Protocol (NTP) distribution or Time Stamp Master Clock (TSMC) is required to calibrate and audit the TSS. See the TSOP Administrator Guide for further information.

  • Install the latest Microsoft security updates. See: