Software Prerequisites

The nShield Container Option Pack requires nShield Security World Software and Docker to be installed prior to the use of the nShield Container Option Pack scripts.

We have successfully tested the following configurations:

nShield HSM Security World Software Version nCOP Version Container Product


Connect XC

nShield 5c







Docker Engine 20

When you are using podman on RedHat Enterprise Linux, you should install podman-docker to provide the Docker alias.nCOP has been tested with podman-docker 4.0

Before you can begin using nCOP you must complete the following steps:

  1. Set up the HSM(s). For instructions, see the Installation Guide of your HSM(s).

  2. Using its IP address or soft Kneti from v12.80, configure your container host machine as a client of the HSM(s). The container host machine is the machine on which you will run the nShield hardserver and application containers.

  3. To access and use cryptographic keys from a Security World, load or create a Security World on the HSM, and map the key management data folder (kmdata) from your container host machine into the running application containers.

For further information on configuring and managing nShield HSMs, Security Worlds, and Remote File Systems, see the User Guide supplied with your Security World software