Release Notes


These release notes apply to version 1.1 of the nShield Container Option pack for Security World. They contain information specific to this release such as new features, defect fixes, and known issues.

The Release Notes may be updated with issues that have become known after this release has been made available. Please check the for the most up to date version of this document. Access to the Support Portal is available to customers under maintenance. Please contact Entrust nShield Technical Support at to request an account.

Features of nShield Container Option Pack v1.1

The nShield Container Option Pack (nCOP) v1.1 introduces a new User Guide which can be found on the nCipher Security Help Centre.

Support for RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 8

nCOP v1.1 introduces support for RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 8 as a supported operating system.

Note that the nCOP scripts use docker commands to build containers. RedHat 8 does not support Docker, so you will need to install the podman-docker package in order to use the nCOP scripts.

Support for RedHat OpenShift Container Platform

nCOP v1.1 containers are compatible with the RedHat OpenShift Container Platform. Please refer to the nCipher OpenShift Interoperability Guide for more information on using nCOP with OpenShift.

Supported Container Base Platforms

nShield application containers have been tested with the following base images:

nCOP v1.1 supports the following container base images

  • RedHat UBI 7 (including minimal)

  • RedHat UBI 8 (including minimal)

  • CentOS 7 and 8

  • Ubuntu Bionic 18.04

  • Ubuntu Focal 20.04

  • Alpine (frolvlad/alpine-glibc)

  • Debian Stretch 9 (including slim)

  • Debian Buster 10 (including slim)

  • OpenSUSE 15.1 and 15.2

  • Nginx 1.18

  • Apache 2.4.43

In nCOP v1.1 the default container base image for both the hardserver and application containers is now RedHat UBI 7. This change was made to bring nCOP in line with the supported platforms for nShield Security World.


Supported hardware

This release is targeted at deployments with any combination of the following nShield HSMs:

  • nShield Connect (500+, 1500+, and 6000+)

  • nShield Connect XC (Base, Mid, High, Serial Console)

  • nShield 5c (Base, Mid, High, Serial Console)

Supported operating systems

This release has been tested for compatibility with the following operating systems:

Operating System Connect+ /Connect XC/ nShield 5c

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 x64


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 x64


Supported Security World versions

This release can be used with the following nShield Security World Software installations:

  • Security World v12.60

  • Security World v12.70/71

  • Security World v12.80/81

  • Security World v13.3

  • Security World v13.4

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues on nCOP v1.1