To install the nShield Container Option Pack:

  1. Create the directory where you wish to install nSCOP. For example:

    mkdir -p /opt/nfast/nscop
  2. Untar the option pack to this directory. For example:

    tar xf nscop-1.0.0.tar -C /opt/nfast/nscop

You should ensure that any users that will use the nShield Container Option Pack scripts have permission to execute the installed scripts and run Docker.

The following Bash scripts are provided in this Option Pack.

Script Purpose


Make an nShield hardserver Docker image


Generates a hardserver configuration file for an nshield-hwsp container


Create a new Docker image with the nShield support software installed


Install the nShield support software to an existing Docker image

Uninstalling the nShield Container Option Pack

To uninstall, delete the directory containing the nShield Container Option Pack from your system.

You should remove any built Docker images and/or containers from your system if they are no longer needed. Consult the documentation for Docker on how to delete Docker images and containers.