nShield Monitor Backup and Restore

To protect against data loss, nShield Monitor should be backed up using native VMware capabilities for protecting virtual machines.

Both manual and scheduled backup operations can be used, as follows:

  • After nShield Monitor is installed, setup and configured, a manual backup should be completed.

  • Before a nShield Monitor software upgrade is performed, a manual backup should be completed.

  • A scheduled backup program should also be setup to provide ongoing protection against loss of monitored data collected.

For details of VMware virtual machine backup and restore capabilities please refer to VMware the Virtual Machine Backup guide and the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration manual.

Please also note the following:

  • For your security, Master Key is not persisted in nShield Monitor - you must remember the passwords used for establishment of the Master Key.

  • Don’t invoke the nShield Monitor backup operation while a nShield Monitor upgrade is in process.