A cross-reference to another file, in this case to an appendix with configuration files:

See xref:sample-config-files.adoc[] for files you can adapt to your system.

See Sample configuration files for files you can adapt to your system.

Some steps with markup for user interface strings, a definition list for parameter names, and a screenshot:

  1. Create DNS forward look up on your Domain Controller to point the AD FS service name to the AD FS host server IP address:

    1. Using Server Manager, select Tools > DNS.

    2. Select the Domain controller and then expand Forward Lookup Zones.

    3. Select <your domain>.

    4. Right-click either: <your domain> in the left hand pane or right-click in the right hand pane to pull up a list of options and select New Host (A or AAAA).

      create new host
    5. In New Host, enter:


      <adfs-service-name> (the FQDN will auto complete)

      IP address


    6. Select Add Host at the bottom of the screen.

Notice the convention for image file names and user string placeholders.
image::create-new-host.png[pdfwidth="75%",Create New Host (A or AAA)]

.. In *New Host*, enter:
Name:: _<adfs-service-name>_ (the FQDN will auto complete)
IP address:: _<ip-address-of-adfs-host-server>_