Upgrading Web Services Option Pack

Before uninstalling, you should make a back up of your WSOP configuration for later.

To upgrade from previous versions of Web Services Option Pack, it is necessary to completely remove the prior version. Please consult the documentation of your current WSOP installation for uninstallation instructions.

If you are upgrading from WSOP v1.0, Java is no longer required and can be removed from the system if needed.

After uninstalling any previous versions of WSOP, it is necessary to install the current WSOP release. Installation explains how to do this.

As described previously, in the current WSOP release the keys and tokens are stored in a database.

Older WSOP versions (WSOP2.1 and earlier) store the keys in file in /opt/nfast/kmdata/local folder.

Before using the current WSOP release, you must migrate your kmdata folder using the Database Management Tool. Database Management Tool explains how to do this.

Older WSOP versions (WSOP2.1 and earlier) supported OCS-protected keys, however the current release of WSOP does not. Your OCS-protected keys will not be migrated.

The current WSOP release will install a new configuration file, which includes new configuration options. You may need to transfer some configuration options from your existing configuration. Special attention should be paid to your security configuration, including certificates. Configuration describes the configuration in more detail.

Once migration is completed, WSOP is ready to use.