Setting the system clock

Entrust recommends that you set the HSM system clock before performing any other actions. This is because the HSM clock may have drifted from real time whilst the HSM was running on battery power in storage.

The HSM system clock is set by fetching the current time and date from the host machine in which the HSM is fitted. Therefore it is important to check that the time and date is set correctly on the host machine.
Initial setting of the HSM system clock should be performed with the HSM in maintenance mode. If your HSM is not in maintenance, you must put it into maintenance mode. For instructions, see the User Guide for your HSM.

Setting the HSM system clock

  1. Make sure that the date and time on the host machine are set correctly according to the documentation for the operating system on the host machine.

  2. Run the following command as a user with root privileges on Linux or the privileges of the built-in local Administrators group on Windows:

/opt/nfast/bin/hsmadmin settime
When you are setting time at the very first time on an nShield 5s HSM, it is recommended to avoid the optional --adjust parameter. This parameter is intended to be used when the HSM is already in operational mode. It can be used on a periodic basis to gradually reconcile any discrepancies between the host’s and the HSM’s clocks. Gradual reconciliation prevents sudden time discrepancies and ensures smooth operation.